Add accounts using the Account Scan

ID Vault offers you the option of scanning your computer periodically to identify new accounts you may want to add. Your browser may store user names and passwords for some of your online accounts, and this information is vulnerable to hackers. The ID Vault Account Scan allows you to see what account information is stored insecurely in your browser and gives you the option of making it secure by moving it to ID Vault.

Follow the steps below to add accounts to ID Vault using the Account Scan:

  1. Click on the ID Vault icon and select 'ID Vault Control Center'
  2. Click on the Info tab in the Control Center
  3. Click the 'Account Scan' button
  4. Click 'Add selected accounts to my ID Vault' to add the accounts that were found in your browser

1. Select 'ID Vault Control Center' from the ID Vault Main Menu

Bring up the ID Vault main menu, by clicking on the ID Vault desktop or system tray icon. Select 'ID Vault Control Center'.

2. Click on the Info Tab in the Control Center

3. Click on the Account Scan button to start the search

If ID Vault finds accounts in your browser, it will display the accounts in a list for you to review. Un-check any accounts you don't want to add, then click 'Add selected accounts to my ID Vault'.

The next screen will show the selected accounts that have been added to your ID Vault. Click 'Continue' and the ID Vault main menu will display with your new accounts added.

4. Select each account added to complete set up of one-click log in

Click on a newly added account and the log in page will be displayed. Log in to your account as you normally would to set up one-click access. Once you log in successfully to each account the first time, set up will be complete and ID Vault will log you in automatically from then on. Accounts that are fully set up with automatic log in will display in black whereas accounts that you need to complete set up for display in blue.