ID VAULT Free Edition - Earthlink Member Benefit
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FREE for EarthLink Members:

Fast, secure access to your online accounts
with ID Vault, built and supported by White
Sky, Inc.

EarthLink has partnered with White Sky to give EarthLink members ID Vault Free
Edition! EarthLink recommends ID Vault to help keep your Internet experience
convenient and safe. Benefits to you include:

  • Saves time by storing your online accounts in one place
    and logging you in automatically—no more remembering!

  • Encrypts and stores your online usernames and
    passwords securely on your PC.

  • Verifies Web addresses and uses a secure browser
    connection to help protect against fraud and ID theft.

  • Free Edition stores up to 5 accounts and 1 credit card

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How ID Vault works:

  • ID Vault runs in the background on your Windows PC and automatically logs
    you in to password-protected Web sites you visit, such as bank and shopping
    sites. You can even add your EarthLink Account!

  • Log in securely by clicking the ID Vault logo in your system tray and selecting
    an account.

  • Your account information is encrypted and stored on your PC—only you have
    access to it.

  • To add your credit card: Open ID Vault, select "ID Vault Control Center," then
    click "Cards".

  • Compatible with Windows 7. Click here to see full system requirements.

For more information of technical support for ID Vault, visit***